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Manually or electrically controlled, the SUNBLIND can be used to darken the balconies, shop windows, terraces or recreational spaces. The flawless esthetic, the reliability, the range of colors, the available models and the easy installation made this product very appreciated in the field of exterior improvements, both for commercial and personal terraces. The material used to obtain darkness is an acryl treated with raylon resistant against heat and humidity.

Another material that can be used is made of a mixture of PVC and polyester, which provides a high resistance against humidity. The sunblind frame is made of high quality STEEL, painted under electrostatic field, which is extremely resistant against bad weather.

As optional accessories, the wind sensor plays a very important role as it provides protection for the sunblind against strong wind, leading to an automatic closing of the arms in case of external wind phenomena. The sun sensor provides the automatic opening of the sunblind upon a certain light intensity.