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PVC joinery

For over 15 years, we produce and install PVC and aluminum double glazed windows and thus we accumulated an experience that confers quality and safety to our products.

In order to satisfy our clients’ requests, we stressed on the quality of the materials we use (all the components we use are original from Germany and Belgium) and on the quality of the installation.

We can face any project, no matter how difficult it is.

For the PVC and aluminum joinery, we offer complete services of measuring, design, execution, transport, installation, removing of the old windows

PVC joinery – Info

Double glazed window profile

Except the double glazed windows, our company uses three Deceuninck profiles, namely everestMAX, ZENDOW andEFORTE. We use Argon to fill the void of the double glazed windows, as it offers a better thermal and phonic insulation than air.


The EverestMAX profile is used for both doors and double glazed windows and it is based on a four-chamber system (4-chamber profile), with a profile width of 60 millimeters and two rows of fittings.

The TPE fittings are pre-inserted and weldable, which makes the production process easier and provides an excellent thermal and acoustic insulation of the double glazed windows.

The concept of the 4-chamber insulation and TPE fittings allows the obtaining of an ideal insulation against water, air, sound, wind: the thermal transmission coefficient is of 1.5 W/m2K.

The wide range of auxiliary profiles and accessories allows the execution of all types of doors and windows, of square or round form, with ample or double openings, according to the desired design or with possibilities for normal or tilting opening, according to the type of hardware. Special finishing details can be executed, like the fitting of decorative baguettes, plates and embrasures.


PVC profiles for doors and windows
Premium technology for dwellings with a low consumption of energy

EFORTE imposes new standards of energetically efficient windows profiles: with the help of a common steel casing, an 84 mm constructive depth with no extra insulation elements, the profile provides excellent values of the UF coefficient.

Thanks to the unique thermal casing made of plastic and integrated steel wires the double glazed window thermal values can be improved.

The flexible profile use provides the conformation to the constructive requests of any kind: from the standard of a passive house to the simple access color.

The new EFORTE series from INOUTIC / DECEUNINCK has the following features:

  • The number of chambers: 6
  • Depth (thickness) of the profile is of 84 mm
  • The thermal transfer coefficient is Uf = 0.95 W /mp*K
  • All profiles and accessories are made in Germany
  • All profiles have an intermediary fitting to improve the thermal and phonic insulation
  • The series is recommended for the 3-chamber double glazed window package
  • The maximum thickness of the thermal-insulating package is of 56 mm
  • Once with the use of non-metallic casings and special thermal-insulating windows, the thermal transfer coefficient shall be reduced, which is applicable in case of the passive houses
  • High rigidity of the profiles, which allows the execution of white windows with a no-casing wing (0.9 x 1.2)

Brochure Eforte


The Zendow profile is used for double glazed windows and doors ant it has a five-chamber system (5-chamber profile), with a profile length of 70 millimeters and a multifunctional fitting that serves for both sealing and glazing.

The high technology TPE fittings (thermal-plastic elastomer) were carefully selected for special functioning. Zendow also brings the new concept of the drainage area that provides a fluent evacuation of the infiltrated water, represented by:

  • A dry area for the hardware protection;
  • An inclined surface with a central crossover separating the humid area from the dry one.

The thermal insulation is high thanks to the extraordinary natural qualities of the used material (PVCu) that, in combination with the concept of the 5 chambers, behaves more than excellent and it shall correspond to the most stringent conditions of thermal insulation.

The acoustic insulation is enforced by the strengths of this profile, namely:

  • The 70 millimeters concept shall allow you to use double or triple glazed window with a thickness of up to 41 millimeters;
  • The concept of the TPE fittings that, thanks to the perfect sealing between the doorcase and the rabbet, forms an excellent barrier against the sound.

Zendow created an innovative central barrier by integration of a low crossover in the drainage area. This serves as a supplementary barrier against the possible water infiltrations and, thus, hardware corrosion. This crossover will also make the closing plates less accessible, increasing the safety against effraction. Moreover, after installation, the central crossover can be used as a support for a third fitting, making Zendow an even more performant insulator from all points of view of insulation: acoustic, thermal and against wind and water.


  • The use of a single type of fitting (multifunctional fitting), which shall endow all profiles, as well as the conceptual optimization of water drainage – it seeks for the improvement of the performances regarding the air and water sealing.
  • The physical features of the PVC mixture lead to high-level thermal performances. The types of profiles we use are those of 4 o 5 chambers with a 70 mm width that, together with the multifunctional fitting, comply with the most severe regulations from the thermal and phonic insulation field.
  • There is a possibility to install an extra fitting to increase the thermal and phonic insulation performances.
  • The generous size of the glazing area allows the use of some double glazed window units with a thickness of up to 41 mm and the obtaining of a phonic attenuation factor of up to 43 Db.
  • The position of the 13 mm hardware channel makes the effration more difficult and it also allows the use of certain closing plates that are more solid.


  • Thermal insulation – the double glazed window PVC joinery provides a better thermal insulation of your house, which leads to a decrease of at least 30% of the heating costs during winter, as well as to the increase of the thermal comfort of your dwelling;
  • Phonic insulation – the double glazed window PVC joinery provides the phonic insulation of your house so that the inhabitants are not disturbed by the noise coming from the outside – there is an at least 40% decrease of the noise, in comparison with the old joinery;
  • Easy maintenance – this type of joinery is a blessing for the housewives as it is easy to clean with water and detergent, also eliminating the painting costs;
  • High security – the used profiles have a high security level and upon special request extra hardware and fasteners can be installed;
  • Resistance against the bad weather – even if in our country there are high temperature variations between winter and summer, the used profiles resist in case of bad weather and aging.


Wide range of colors:
Thanks to the great number of color options offered by Deceuninck, you can decide directly on the way in which your window, door, shutter, window board or any other Deceuninck element of your house shall look. Thus, you have the possibility for your double glazed window to be not only useful from a thermal and phonic point of view but also a decorative element of your house.

Mass coloration
The Deceunick white is different from the white of any other profiles producer thanks to its exceptional purity. There are two more colors for mass coloration of the profiles: grey and pearl white.

The Deceuninck profiles are also offered covered in acryl U.V. proof foil. This range of products shall allow you to enjoy some double glazed windows and doors of natural wood texture without having to worry for the every year painting.

Decoroc® is a brevetted covering system for the profiles, which will allow you to choose your favorite color from a wide range of RAL shades. This unique process for the covering of the PVC profiles offers a satin surface of grained texture, of special visual effect.