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PVC joinery windows

Double glazed PVC joinery windows

More than any other decorative element, the double glazed PVC joinery windows confer a distinct note to any house or room. The available color palette and the design created especially for you, gives you the possibility to customize your image and to create your own space, for you and for your family.

Besides the decorative role, the double glazed PVC joinery windows offer you a high level of comfort by the thermal and phonic insulation. Having the possibility to choose profiles of 4, 5 or 6 chambers with double glazed windows in 2 or 3 layers, you can choose the right version for your house and budget.

For a maximum comfort, besides the quality of the hardware and PVC joinery, we chose to use only argon to fill the space between the glasses for all the double glazed windows, as it is a thermal and phonic insulator better than air.