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PVC joinery doors

PVC joinery doors

The simple or decorative PVC joinery doors can be used both for the exterior (houses, villas, stores) and for the interior, in a wide range of models and colors.

The exterior PVC joinery doors present the advantage of a better thermal and phonic insulation and of giving free scope to imagination and creativity by the different models that can be created.

In comparison with the classic doors, the interior PVC joinery doors offer the following advantages:

  • A better thermal and phonic insulation
  • It does not subside in time;
  • It does not distend because of the humidity or in case of flooding;
  • Easier maintenance/cleaning;
  • In case of low quality classic doors, the foil covering the wood bursts off;
  • The PVC joinery door closes perfectly not allowing the air to circulate apart from the door, like in case of classic doors;
  • If you want a change, you can simply change the double-glazed window glass with a decorative version of your own choice.